Henry County Thanks Proven Roofers

In the wake of the recent storm local businesses of Henry County have all come together in order to repair the damages caused by the storm. All of these businesses deserve heartfelt thanks from all the residents of Henry County. One company went above and beyond what was expected and that is The Roofing Company. Not only did these roofing contractors replace shingles that were ripped off by the wind but they also inspected each roof and informed the owners if further repairs were needed. To the homeowners who would need future repairs the Roofing Company offered discounted prices on any repairs that they recommend.

In some cases the storm damage was so severe that The Roofing Company had to rebuild a few houses, and did so without any charge to homeowners. The owner of the company was quoted as saying “No one deserves to live under a damaged roof and as long as I can help it, no one will in Henry County.” This kind of generosity is proving to be contagious as whole communities are following this example and banding together in order to repair the storm damage. Some residents are even opening up their homes to their neighbors who are unable to live in their houses until further repairs are made.

It is because of the great generosity of companies such as this that Henry County is quickly recovering from the storm and is now able to extend aid to the neighboring counties that still need help. The skilled roofers from the Roofing Company are being offered the contracts to repair the government buildings in other counties based on their excellent work here in Henry County. As of right now these devoted roofers are concentrating only on helping their local community recover and are not planning on moving beyond the county line until the damage is repaired. It is this extreme generosity and compassion that will continue to make Henry County great.